We are so happy you have come to learn more about PRISM! We founded PRISM in 2019 as a way to perform mostly Renaissance choral music—a shared love of ours—in a way that’s a little different than what we’ve done before. This choir is conductorless by design in order to create a more collaborative and collegial environment where the singers can bring their individual strengths to the table, and can be more attuned to each other.

Photo by Tim Campbell

We know each other through Pomona College, where Adrien and Hayden were students and sang in the Choir and Glee Club under Donna’s direction. Since graduating, Adrien (PO ’14) and Hayden (PO ’07) ended up working together in the office at the Los Angeles Master Chorale, where they were constantly talking about how much they missed working with Donna. So why not create a group where we could all work together again and sing the music we love?

Adrien Redford is Co-Artistic Director of PRISM. He is a brilliant baritone who runs our rehearsals (with Donna), and who works on big-picture things related to the ensemble’s educational programming, community engagement, and fundraising.

Donna M. Di Grazia is Co-Artistic Director of PRISM. She is an awesome alto and expert music historian and helps keep the other two of us in the know when it comes to historical context, repertoire, and performance practice.

Hayden Eberhart is the Administrative Director of PRISM. She is a sensational soprano who prefers to be behind the scenes, rather than actually speaking in front of people and being visionary.

See us live

PRISM Ensemble | Los Angeles, CA


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