About Us

PRISM is a new vocal chamber ensemble of exceptional quality that focuses on revitalizing choral music, especially works from the Renaissance. The ensemble’s goal is to offer stellar performances using a conductorless model that promotes the highest levels of collaboration, connection, and interpretation among the singers.

Our name, PRISM, reflects our philosophy of music-making. In geometry, a prism is any solid with two equal bases and parallelograms at each end, but in optics, and for us, a prism is a transparent body whose polished, refracting surfaces change one’s perception when looking through it.

We are a PRISM for choral music, providing a way to discover the beauty embedded in early music for vocal ensemble, and in works by later composers whose creations are either explicitly or implicitly inspired by it. Additionally, we see harmony and balance across the eras, and we look to explore the influences and resemblances between newer works and their predecessors.

Adrien Redford, Co-Artistic Director
Donna M. Di Grazia, Co-Artistic Director
Hayden Eberhart, Administrative Director

See us live

PRISM Ensemble | Los Angeles, CA


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